Frankie Magazine's 10th Birthday

At some point or another, you might have come across Frankie Magazine.  So when they asked if we could help them organise their 10th Birthday Party and launch of their 60th issue and 10th birthday, we said YES PLEASE! 

We came up with the concept of 'The Butcher, The Baker and The (Candlestick) Makers' as a way to organise the party into a series of stations.  This connected into all the facets that make up Frankie and allowed us to create crafting stations like stamping a frankie hankie, making a paper rosette name tag, a soda stream station, lining up for a sausage in bread (with proceeds donated to literacy and numeracy Australia) and feasting on tables of sweets and a whole sponge cake station made up of our favourite bakers to wish Frankie a Happy Birthday.

We added a touch of Australiana / Country Women's Association with the most incredible foliage and custom printed textiles and handmade aprons and mis-match cake plates.  All the little details came together and Frankie was thrilled with the party.

"The room felt friendly and warm and happy and everything about it just ooozed of frankie-ness".

We called on everyone we know and made some new friends to pitch in and make this party happen.  Sending the biggest hugs and thank you's the following:

Ocular                                                        Complete Function Hire                                   Grown and Gathered                                 Frankie and Swiss                                          Milkwood                                                   Sticky Fingers Bakery                                       OSTRO                                                      Beatrix                                                             Fig and Salt                                               D'Altera & Co.                                                   Carla Hackett

To everyone that worked on the night bringing your sparkly personalities and warmth to make the night run smoothly - Frankie Volunteers: Monica (worked tirelessly all day and night, thank-you!) , Kylie, Rachel, Rebecca, Dan, Esther, Andy, Bonnie, Jordyn, Nathalie, Claire and Kate. 

And the Firecracker Pack: Karina, Liv, Caitlin, Tom, Brendan, Tim, Nicole, Em, Belle and Eleni.

Lastly, a big squeeze to the Frankie Team for all your help bumping in and out, for trusting me with this very special occasion and for all your support. You can see their wrap up here.

Thank you, we are over the moon.  


Photos by John Deer