Our Firecracker POPS are an opportunity to test new ideas, design new spaces and collaborate with our friends. 

Pickleback  was a collaboration with Caitlin Perry from Setsquare Studio   We entered a competition at The Carlton Club in 2014 for The Bar Dream to design and run one of six bars for the month of July.  The concept for our bar - 'Pickleback' is based around a drink created in NYC - a shot of whiskey, chased by a shot of pickle juice - then you eat a pickle.  Caitlin designed the space inspired by the whiskey and the pickles - an intimate space with deep greens, timber, gold details and a long bar for lining up shots. We won the competition at the end of the month - Caitlin still can't eat pickles!  

Images by Brooke Holm

The World-Changing Cafeteria in City Square was commissioned by The University of Melbourne to showcase how their research is set to improve half the world's diet with bio-fortified rice and turning dirty water into clean water. With a brief from McCann Creative Agency, Firecracker and Tom Harper from Placemark Studio, set out to create a custom-designed and built Pavilion in the heart of the city - all achieved in 2.5 weeks! There were sleepless nights and the firecracker pack worked tirelessly to package unbelievable amounts of rice pudding, but what an amazing project. In total, the Pavilion served 4000 portions of rice pudding, 2100 branded drink bottles and offered a unique experience to all those who came through the doors. 

Images by Daniel Aulsebrook

FOND YOU was a pop up fondue restaurant at Firecracker HQ for Valentines Day 2016.  Guests enjoyed a three course meal in an intimate setting over two nights and enjoyed the kitsch and romantic atmosphere of fond you. 

Images by Cassandra Morris

Salt & Peppa is the most recent POP at Firecracker HQ in April 2106.  In collaboration with Sarah Borg from Bangin Hangins. We both love early 90's r'n'b and it only seems fitting to pay homage to our favourite trailblazing girl group 'Salt'N'Pepa'.  With pumping tunes, salty food and peppery drinks  for five nights only - Salt & Peppa was trending!   Check out this article by the  with 1085 likes and 158 shares - Salt & Peppa was trending! 

Images by Madeleine Williams

Joyce & Louise is a collaboration with Fig + Salt from Firecracker HQ.  We created a pop up for take home dinners in winter 2015.  Hearty home cooked meals feed the residents of Thornbury using local and seasonal produce with a weekly changing menu.  We had two pick up points at The Common Good as well as Skinner and Hackett so that the residents of Hawthorn and Carlton North were nourished as well. 

Images by Shelley Morris