Customising each event fires our creative spirit. 

We consider ourselves 'assemblers' and we use produce and props  to help make your launch / lunch / party / picnic / workshop/ wedding unique.  It is very important for us to  work with you to develop a concept or theme and you can be confident that we want to make each and every event the best.  We have experts that we collaborate with to make these special parties happen.  And we can organise and design the invites, menus,  style the room and provide the food, drinks and service.  Imagine how easy that would be for you;  on the day of the event you can walk into the party and actually enjoy it!  

Our 'Firecracker Pack' contribute to making your special occasion unique.   Our staff are efficient, hard working, show initiative and have personality!  They add to the overall success of the party and help you relax and be a part of the special occasion with your guests. xoxo


Images by Freya Berwick, KJ Gallery, Veronica Russell, John Deer, Sarah Anderson + Zoe Hodgens